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David Rice



How does airway development and function affect facial, jaw and occlusal development?11.11 10:15 - 11:00Pohto

Luennoitsijan kuvaus

David Rice is Professor of Orthodontics and Head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital. From 2015-2019 he was Director of the Finnish Doctoral School in Oral Sciences (FINDOS). He completed his Dental Degree and Specialist Orthodontic Training at the University of London, and his PhD in developmental Biology at the University of Helsinki.

Since 2010, Prof Rice has been Editor of the European Journal of Orthodontics. As Editor, he is intimately involved in developing and improving the standards of all aspects of orthodontic research with the ultimate goal of improving patient care that is based on quality evidence.

Prof Rice’s research is aimed at understanding the molecular basis of morphological change during craniofacial development, principally of the calvarial bones, palate & teeth.

Luennon pääkohdat: How does airway development and function affect facial, jaw and occlusal development?

I will give an introduction to normal airway development and growth, which set the scene for the rest of the session. This will include broad overview of the embryonic development and postnatal growth of the whole respiratory tract from nose and mouth to lung tip. I will then go one step further and see how alterations in airway function can affect occlusal development. This talk will be interesting to both dental and medical clinicians as well as the most committed craniofacial researchers.