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Dr. Karin Binner Becktor


7.11.2019 klo 9.00 Tammisalo My Orthodontic Digital Journey
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7.11.2019 klo 10.30 Tammisalo Digital technologies for indirect bonding and aligners Integration with solution providers and laboratories Implementing and using a 3D printer in the orthodontic office GDPR and the Digital Office
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I have practiced orthodontics for 20 years with conventional work-flows – why did I change? I am not a tech-savvy, but still I manage to integrate digital work-flows in my practice.

To begin with I only used the digital models for diagnostics and treatment planning. But with time I learned how to use digital models and different software’s in a much more dynamic way, which has improved patient communication and made integration with appliance providers and laboratories easier.

Now I use digital technologies for multi-disciplinary cases, and I have fully digital work-flows for both dental and skeletal anchoraged appliances. However, these digital tools require sophisticated hardware and software, and we must make up our mind if we as clinicians should have blind faith in all this new technology.

One think is for sure digital orthodontics is here now, and it will be a part of our future, therefore we must face our fears and, we should see artificial intelligence as an orthodontic augmentation, where a sum of human smart and machine smart will make us stronger.