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For Lecturers

Below you will find instructions for lecturers. We urge you to read the instructions carefully. In urgent matters, please contact our office: koulutus@apollonia.fi

Instructions regarding the AV technology in lecture rooms

AV technology in the lecture room and the presentation’s preparation

The lecture rooms at the Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo & Convention Centre are fitted with network connection, computer and data/video projector. The computers are equipped with Windows 8.1. Enterprise operating system in English and Microsoft Office 2016 Professional suite, which includes PowerPoint software. Genuine resolution of the data projector is 1920 x 1080 (HD) pixels.
The standard picture ratio for projection on the screen in the lecture rooms is 16:9.

The screen size is approximately 2,8 x 4,8 m. If a different picture ratio is used in the presentation, the lecturer should get in touch with the event organiser at least a month before the event, in order to ensure technical functionality for the presentation. For all presentations using a picture ratio other than 16:9 or 4:3, please send a sample slide to the event’s organiser at least two weeks before the event.

Images and readability of text in a PowerPoint presentation:

  • The font size in PowerPoint presentations should be at least 24 points. This is to ensure that the text is legible from the back rows in the lecture room. Test the readability: the text should be legible when the presentation is viewed from three metres away on a 17″ screen.
  • Adding high-resolution images (scanned or taken with a digital camera) in the PowerPoint slides easily increases the size of the presentation file to dozens of megabytes. This slows down the downloading of the presentation and the changing of slides. The images can be downsized with image processing software before inserting them in the presentation.
  • The highest resolution to be used for a full-screen digital image is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is the highest resolution that can be achieved. Usually 72 or 96 dpi is a sufficient resolution for images used in a projected PowerPoint presentation.
  • We recommend that images used in PowerPoint presentations be saved in the JPEG, TIFF or PNG format.
  • More information on image processing and adding images to PowerPoint presentations can be found on the Internet, at http://www.powerpointbackgrounds.com/powerpointgraphics.htm, or you can contact the AV personnel at the Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo & Convention Centre.

Saving and delivering the presentation file


Please take the presentations with you on memory stick or if delivered in advance, please send the presentation to koulutus@apollonia.fi . If the presentation is on memory stick, please come well in advance of the start of the lecture, in order to leave sufficient time for downloading them onto the lecture room computer.

The AV personnel at the Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo & Convention Centre will save the presentations on the lecture room computers. At the end of each day, the presentations are deleted from the computers.

NOTE! It is always advisable to bring the presentation with you on a memory stick just in case, even if you have delivered the presentation to the server in advance.

Lecturer’s own computer, PC or Mac

Lecturers may also bring their own laptops to use for presenting the lecture material. PCs are connected to the data projector via the VGA port. For Mac computers, a computer-specific adapter is required for the data projector connection. Please bring the adapter with you.


The lecture room computer is equipped with a DVD drive. Video clips embedded in PowerPoint presentations should be saved in MPG1 or WMV format.
If the PowerPoint file is delivered in advance, please ensure that you also send the video file.

NOTE! QuickTime videos that run in the Office PowerPoint for Mac computers will not work in the Office suite for PC computers. QuickTime videos should be run separately with the QuickTime application or converted into MPG1 or WMV format. Videos shown outside presentations should be QuickTime .mov files H.264 (15Mbps – 30Mbps) in 1080p resolution.

If you have any special requests regarding the audiovisual equipment in the lecture room, please contact the event’s organiser, The Finnish Dental Society Apollonia, tel. +358 680 3120, email: koulutus@apollonia.fi. We will be happy to assist you with any queries regarding the lecture room AV technology before and during the event.

Contact person for AV technology:
Suomen Videoviestintä Oy
Mrs. Taina Kivilä
Email: fistname.lastname@messukeskus.com
Telephone: +358 50 360 8729
Messukeskus Helsinki,
Expo & Convention Centre
Messuaukio 1/ PL 21


Please contact Apollonia Office, koulutus@apollonia.fi.


We would appreciate to get your CV (1 page) and a digital photo. Please send these by email to koulutus@apollonia.fi


We suggest an honorarium based on 300 € per 45 min. presentation (gross amount before taxes). According to Finnish tax legislation, the honorarium is considered as personal income and it is subject to taxation (35 % of the payable amount, P.A.Y.E.). If you wish to discuss alternative honorarium arrangements, please let us know.

Per diem allowance, 34 € / day, is paid in accordance with the directions of the Finnish Tax Administration. It is not subject to taxation.

Travel arrangements, costs and hotel accommodation

Please contact Apollonia Office Mrs. Marjut Pessi, tel. +358 9 6803 1239.

Payment of honorarium & travel expenses

Honorarium and reimbursement of the travel costs will be paid by bank transfer into your bank account. Please fill in the enclosed Honorarium and Cost Specification Form and return it to our office, together with the original tickets and receipts, after the congress.

Evening program

There are a lot of evening programs and good restaurants in Helsinki during the event. We hope that we may enjoy your company on the occasion. Please let us know if you wish to participate in the event by email to koulutus@apollonia.fi by 1st November.

If you have further questions or need any assistance before you come, do not hesitate to contact us.